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Welcome new members to the No Relent TV Community!

New Member Guide

Please join all of the groups and follow all of the topics on the platform. That way you will receive updates on new posts and resources.

This private hub is where we can have discussions, share resources, ideas pertaining to the uplift of this community.

This is a safe haven for beginners, seekers, and practitioners on the spiritual path or of a spiritual craft.

This is a respectful open-minded environment. Please keep in mind to respect each other’s awareness levels and points of view in a civil manner.

Growth comes through study, wisdom and practice. Knowledge should be learned in a bite sized manner not to overwhelm yourself.

Please take your time to fully absorb the information.

We encourage people to hold weekly or scheduled discussions around books & topics to get other people’s perspective.

The admins and moderators will also schedule live webinar events from time to time around group book meetups and topics to interact with the community. As we are on the spiritual path as well.

If you would like the admins to host live webinar events around books and topics please reach out to us first in a timely manner in respective of our own personal schedules to ensure things go smoothly.

The rules are very simple but are not limited to:
Conduct: Please be respectful to all paths. Relay your points of view in a civil manner and keep it moving. Otherwise you will disrupt the flow of the supportive environment in the community with unnecessary drama.

Also have fun as well from time to time. But always keep striving to learn and practice.

This community keeps in mind universal divine laws & principles. Strive to give as much as you take within the community. In whatever form that may be will be left up to you. Don’t bully, keep your dark/light in check and have fun so community can continue to thrive with its mission.

This is a private learning community:
All post should be centered around the theme of the community which is spiritual growth and understanding.

No solicitation of services through members private messages, or posts about businesses in general on this platform. Our public Facebook group is where those types of services should be posted to. Your membership on this platform comes with a membership profile this is the only appropriate place to setup your business links & contact information etc.

If you would like admins to sponsor or host something in regards to business services just reach out to the admins & moderators for approval.

Respect Everyone’s Privacy:

What is shared & posted within the community should remain here.

Your use:

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