Astrology Cancer Theme, June 22nd to July 23rd: Key-phrase “I feel.” The Moon


“Parenthood often replaces selfishness with tender affections that rapidly fortify the soul and build the spiritual body.” Angels ascend and descend… The boundary line between Gemini and Cancer signifies the Sun’s highest elevation – the very gate of heaven. The degrees of the zodiac function like rungs on a ladder, extending from earth to heaven. Thus, various planes, like the angels in Jacob’s dream, ascend through the sky to their zenith in Cancer before commencing their descent.

Many enlightened ancients held a belief that the soul evolves by acquiring experience in one physical form before moving onto an astral plane at its dissolution. After a period of assimilation, it descends down the ladder to inhabit a new sign (♋) or more sophisticated physical body on earth. Each form constitutes a step on the soul’s evolutionary ladder.

This experience can only be attained through parents’ agency who provide opportunities for obtaining new physical bodies. As Cancer’s commencement marks the Sun’s highest declination and defines home’s domestic sign, parenthood is indeed the true gateway to heaven. Strife and discord within homes are potent enough to bring individuals down while domestic harmony is equally effective in lifting them up.

Arcanum XVIII – The Moon


Remember then, son of earth, whoever dares face the unknown does so risking peril. Malevolent minds symbolized by a black dog will lay traps for him; compliant minds will shower him with flattery; treacherous minds represented by scorpions will plot personal gain through his downfall. If Arcanum XVIII appears in your horoscope’s prophetic signs, observe and listen but learn when silence is warranted.

Cancerian Qualities


Represented as Crab in celestial realms, Cancer is zodiac’s fourth sign. This water element sign is sensitive, receptive yet timid. Like mist shifting over waters, this cardinal sign carries whimsical moods and changes—it prefers an unrestricted sphere allowing alterations to its position without constraints. Belonging to first degree emanation orders it expresses itself through moods and desires predominantly.

Despite being a feminine sign devoid of aggressiveness Cancer compensates this with tenacity expressed in human anatomy as nurturing areas like breasts, bosom lower lungs and stomach come under its rule.

Individuals born under this sign demonstrate ability for absorbing ideas conditions reflecting them back after digestion for self-utilisation purposes rather than exhibiting physical activity they channel intense energy into assimilating sensory impressions which they later redistribute.

These individuals mirroring mediumistic reflective dreamy mild-natured emotional traits prefer domestic life respond well to kindness sympathy approbation exposure to public life makes them susceptible towards external influences governing principle behind their actions can be encapsulated within phrase ‘I feel’. Be mindful know when discretion requires silence or articulation within any given environment It must be noted however not all individuals born under this zodiac will exhibit these traits as astrology holds individual character traits are defined by personal charts.

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